Electroplated coin blanks

One of the main questions, worrying world mints today, is how to make circulation coins cheaper and to preserve their functional performance. Today there is an answer to this question. Electroplated steel absolutely corresponds to these requirements. Three years ago GURT LLC enlarged the pool of producers of electroplated coin blanks, and today we produce coin blanks electroplated with nickel, copper and brass.

The base of the galvanic production process is the high-performance automatic drum-type lines, which enable us to obtain single and multi-layer coatings with different materials.

High anticorrosion resistance together with high adhesion with the core metal secure the guarantee life duration for 45-50 years.

GURT LLC possesses the technology of application of special coatings on coin blanks with the thickness of 10-30 microns on modern and efficient automatic electroplating lines.

Presently, we produce the following types of electroplated coin blanks:

· Nickel plated steel;

Copper plated steel;

Brass plated steel;

Copper-nickel plated steel;

Copper-brass plated steel.