Metal-clad coin blanks

Multi-layer metal strips supplied by one of our metal rolling plant are often used for production of coin blanks. Bimetal materials are substituting mono-metals in various industries thereby reducing cost price and frequently improving the characteristics of the products issued. Sometimes appliance of bimetal strips enables to eliminate effects of hazardous work conditions and reduce negative influence on environment. It is acknowledged by the fact that 100% of coins, which are no longer in use, can be easily melted and then used in production of coins or other metal items. The most distributed compositions (multi-layer strips) used at the production of coin blanks are CuNi25-Cu-CuNi25 and CuNi19-Cu-CuNi19 being the substitute for CuNi25-Cu-CuNi25 composition.

If needed, multi-layer metal strips can be cheapened by the usage of steel strip core. Double-layer coating adds corrosion resistance to steel, as well as operating life and required elegant appearance. The most distributed compositions are CuNi19-St-CuNi19 and CuZn10-St-CuZn10.