Rotor packs and stator lists

GURT LLC produces rotor and stator lists of the dynamo steel 2215P and 2216 of the following dimensions:

· 96,103,117,130,143,185 for induction motors;

81, 117 for valve engines.

Punching of rotor and stator lists is made by the high-speed press machines AIDA (Japan). The accuracy is provided by combined carbide dies.

Rotor sets for submersible electric motors are serially produced of 96,103,117,130,143,185 sizes.

Advantages of rotors and stators are provided with:

Application of the high-quality components produced by our company, which provide the products with high reliability and heat deformation resistance in submersible motors;

Use of new modern imported equipment with numeric control;

Pack pressing with optimum pressure, calculated for each type of product;

Proved temperature conditions of pack torch brazing on special stands, as well as the use of high-frequency current;

Quality control at each production stage;

100% acceptance test of the finished products and high-qualified personnel with extensive work experience;

Exploratory researches enabling to modernize our production and to introduce new technologies.